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Fiber Pool: Download

Please read the license terms before downloading the development kit.

Development kit:
The development kit contains the dynamic link and import libraries, the Fiber Pool class library and samples, among them the case studies LAME/fpMP3 und zlib/fpZip.

Download Fiber Pool API

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows Vista (64 bit) or higher
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and higher


The documentation for version is currently not available.

Note to the license conditions:
The use of the development kit is free, however it is restricted to internal development purposes exclusively. For the distribution of products that use Fiber Pool you need a distribution license. This is valid also for public development and test versions of the product.

fpStream binary package:
The package below contains the compiled binary files for "fpFLAC" and "fpFLAC2FLAC". The MP3 encoder "fpMP3" and the converter "fpFLAC2MP3" are not included.

Download fpStream